Precision Cutting Mills: the Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industry's Best Kept Secret

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

There's a lot of information out there, and gurus proffering advice on how to best harvest cannabis - we are all figuring it out still, to some degree. It should be simple right? Cut the plant material, dry it quickly and thoroughly and chop it up.

It seems the advice out there is interchangeably using the terms "hammer mill", "mill", and "cutting mill". To understand the distinction, let's consider the structure of the plant we are working with. Most of the medicine is contained in delicate, grape-like trichomes on the outside of the plant. The plant material needs to be handled with some care to preserve the most medicine, but this poses a challenge with the shear volume involved for any business. Where do you pick up efficiency on a large scale?

Hammer mills attack plant material with pounding, mallet-like action, pulverizing the material until it falls through a sieve. They are fast. That's a good thing for efficiency, but what comes out after processing resembles dry dirt, and much of the medicine is stuck to the machine parts, and all those dollars get washed off at the end of the day.

Mills is a generic term that does not speak to the precision of how material is refined down. Many mills on the market are now using blades, similar to our cutting chamber, but the blade gaps are about 4x farther apart. Why is this significant? Well, it's like trying to cut with a pair of scissors that aren't really together. The plant material ends up tearing instead of being cut precisely. The lack of control of particle size challenges efficiencies in extraction.

This is where precision cutting mills make all the difference. Cutting chambers with scissor-like tolerance between the blade gaps cut plant material like scissors. It's like getting a machine to do the manual labor that is happening in the small shops. It is a much gentler process on the plant material so more medicine is preserved, and when particle size matters for extraction efficiencies or industrial applications, it offers the most control.

Stay tuned for a white paper coming with specific data on the same plant material run through a hammer mill, and run through Eberbach's precision cutting mill. We are right there with you learning best industry practices. If you ever have questions or need some data, give Eberbach a call. We are happy to help.


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