E3803.AF/E3803.AF.SS Auto Feed System

E3803.AF/E3803.AF.SS Auto Feed System

Reduce labor costs with our patented auto feed system, which gently feeds plant material into E3803.CANNA, allowing your operation to run more than one machine at a time.


High Capacity Cutting Mill with Auto Feed Hopper which allows you to load the mill, set the program­mable controller to the speed you want and press the start button allowing you to walk away and come back with the process completed. The new patented feed system is designed with high torque servo motors for handling difficult materials, such as clumping, fluffy, cohesive, dense as well as free flow­ing materials. The E3803.AF.SS offers the same conveniance as the standard model, but constructed in Stainless Steel. If you have labor intensive or feeding issues like clumping, bridging, arching, rat holing or other issues, the new Rotary Hopper is the right system for your application.



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