E5703.IWE 2 LB Reciprocating Ice Water Extractor

E5703.IWE 2 LB Reciprocating Ice Water Extractor

Eberbach’s Stainless Steel Ice Water Extractor (IWE) is designed to remove the Marijuana plant’s trichome heads from the trichome stalks on the plants exterior which is commonly referred to as “Bubble Hash" or “Full Melt”. The Eberbach IWE can be used with third party sieving bags, bubble bags, or with Eberbach Corporation’s all new food grade stainless steel Trichome Separation & Collection System (TSCS).

The Eberbach IWE will successfully remove the Marijuana plants trichome heads from the plant exterior without solvents, this machine uses only Ice and Water and is a 100% solvent free extraction system.

The all new Eberbach E5703.IWE is Easy to Use and Easy to Clean, the process is simple, and the ROI is quick!


All surfaces that touch the Ice, Water and plant material are food grade materials and, the machine can easily be disassembled for cleaning.


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